Profiteroles or Profanity
A very silly thing I made to amuse myself and other people
I am the sort of person who likes to make myself laugh (and, ideally, other people, too). Sometimes that means writing short stories. Sometimes that means tinkering around with tech for comic effect. It was the latter that lead to this, a cranky motherfucker of a chatbot that can only give you two things: unusual desserts or imaginative profanity. 
I built this bot in about two hours, adding in many desserts and even more colourful language. There are also a healthy number of frustrated error messages to keep users on track. As I didn't jump into the code, there are bugs, but you'll get the gist. Sorry if I offend you, and bonus points if you find the easter egg. 

Experience it by searching @ProfiterolesOrProfanity on Facebook or going to
Example chat. How could you not want to have your own?
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