The Challenge
Change perceptions of Coors Light amongst young, hip consumers to be a cool brand (some might say ice cold). 

The Approach
In partnership with Mixmag, we developed Coors Light UK's first ever content series - DJ Quest, the search the UK's next best DJ. 
At #IceCaveRaves around the UK, forty DJs and producers showed off their skills. Mixmag selected three lucky winners from the bunch, each of whom got to play Mixmag Live shows. Even better, the three were flown the Les Arcs to play the ultimate #IceCaveRave.
We developed the competition,and oversaw brand development, photography, tone of voice. We also directed the filming at the #IceCaveRave and oversaw the making of a call for entries. 

The Results
The campaign has just wrapped, but by all accounts it was a success. Results to come. 
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