Simply Timeless
The Dove Beauty Bar. It needs no introduction. After all, women everywhere have loved it for decades. It's even in 1 out of 4 households in the USA. 

So what keeps them coming back? Why have it stood the test of time? And what’s causing the next generation to pick up a pack for themselves? Simple. The Beauty Bar has been–and always will be–the foundation of beauty. Trends come and go, but 66 years in, the bar is still a beauty staple. 

Because face it: beautiful skin never goes out of style. And with the Dove Beauty Bar, it never will.  

We created a TVC that celebrate's the bar's iconic status over the years, cementing it as the icon it is now and for many years to come. 

Client: Unilever (Dove) 
Agency: Ogilvy
Global Creative Director: Sarah Lefkowith
Associate Creative Directors: Meghan Howell, Winston Noel
Agency Producer: Stephanie Warner 
Production Company: Dog Eat Dog
Director: KÂCIKÊ

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