Onto Brand Launch
The Challenge
Onto are an electric car subscription model that's revolutionising car ownership in the U.K. They genuinely have a variety of USPs worth shouting about, from the fact that you can swap your car as and when you need to never worrying about paying for public charging, insurance, or servicing - it's all included. 

Because of this, Onto came to us with a challenge: how could communicate a range of functional messages clearly, while still being genuinely compelling and inspiring? The TV ad needed to deliver a healthy dose of education around Onto and what comes with a subscription, but also needed to cut through a very cluttered automotive market. So, embedded into the brief was the need to develop a functional concept that felt anything but functional, to create a delight and intrigue amongst our audience. 

The Idea 
Onto subscriptions come with so many perks that you’d be excused for thinking it’s too good to be true – this was something we wanted to focus in on in the ad itself. We imagined a dream world of sorts that brought the feeling of boundless energy and freedom to life, which would not only convey the customer’s feeling of having a subscription, but would be incredibly visually distinct. The ability to add some humour at the end also felt right for the brand, and was the cherry on top. 
There is an idea that permeates throughout the industry that functional advertising is boring. And we set out to prove that wrong by creating something with charm, personality, and loads of visual distinctiveness. 

We went from briefing to being in market in the span of just a few months, with an unbelievably tight turnaround for a VFX project. We worked closely with our director and his production team  to make our Onto world come to life in record time, with the entire ad being made in the space of about four weeks (many many hours were spent trying to get every texture and detail of our clouds just right)! Luckily, we were aligned from the get go, progressing from static renders to moving examples swiftly and integrating pops of blue electricity into our cloudscape. In many ways, just like Onto itself, the final result felt too good to be true – but happily it wasn’t.  

Agency: Creature
CCOs: Ben Middleton and Stu Outhwaite-Noel
Creative Director: Sarah Lefkowith
Creative (Copywriter): Lucy Everett 
Producer: Brook Lagana & Lilly Alter
CSO: Andrew Gibson
Strategist: Jenika Hadipour
CEO: Dan Cullen-Shute
Chief Client Officer: Hanisha Kotecha
Account Management: Jasmine Portman and Victoire N'Dri

Production Agency: Sticker Studios
Director: Tom Clover
Producer: Harleymoon Kemp
VFX: Jakob Thorhallsson 
Editing and Post: Nomad
Music: Yellowboat

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