The Challenge
Excite and encourage a travel-wary world to get up and go. 

The Approach
We had an idea, a simple but powerful metaphor for the wonder that travel can spark.
In short:
Imagine you're walking down a street. It's an ordinary street. It's an ordinary day. Then, in the distance, you notice something... odd. You go closer. And as you approach, you see that where a regular door had been, a plane door has appeared. A member of the cabin crew approaches, offering you a chance to go somewhere amazing, but they won't tell you where unless you hop on board.
Why not? 
We developed an immersive theatre experience that brought the above idea to life, bringing the streets and canals of Holland to Shoreditch. It launched alongside easyJet's new "Why Not?" print and TV campaign, weaving some of the elements throughout. 
The best bit? The idea works best when you could step through to literally any location and from any location, meaning it's an activation easyJet can run again and again. 

The Results
Our plane door really took off. We exceeded every KPI set for the campaign. This included getting 50 pieces of regional, national, international, and online coverage (media value of £1.2 million) and over 2.3 million views of our 360 video of the experience (90% of which were organic). Viewers have spent over 900,000 minutes watching the film - nothing to frown at.
The experience went so well, in fact, that within half a year they'd set up a second plane door, with a third one coming shortly. Who knows where it'll go next? 
Case study
The immersive 360 video gave those that couldn't attend a taste of the experience, and the chance to win tickets to go for real. 2.3 million views so far and counting....!
Press coverage of the immersive experience.
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