Only in Blackpool (Blackpool Council x Merlin Entertainment) 
The Challenge
Blackpool has a perception problem. But while the light it's seen in is often less than flattering, it's a cracking place for a family day out. There are more family-friendly things to do than you can count on your hands and your toes. And whether you'd rather scream your head off on a roller coaster, cosy up to underwater creatures at the Sea Life centre, or take a terrifying trip up The Blackpool Tower Eye, you're sure to have a brilliant time. 

The Idea
We needed to spread the word about what makes Blackpool great in a way that people couldn't help but love. Which is where Nigel C. Gull comes in. As the self-appointed spokesbird of Blackpool, he can't help but squawk its praises - in a way that people were bound to love. 

We developed Nigel over a span of several months with Director Stephen Pipe and the puppeteers at Talk to the Hand, Andy Heath and Iestyn Evans. He's voiced of course by the inimitable Johnny Vegas. And though he's just made his world-debut, people are already falling in love with him. The campaign has been covered in trade press like LBB as well as in local press up North, too. Watch this space for what Nigel does next! 
Want to hear Nigel's first radio ad? Look no further. As a bonus, you can see his official stamp of approval which will start to roll out around the town of Blackpool over time, indicating Nigel's favourite family friendly attractions. 
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